More Autographed pieces….

Star Wars At Star Wars Celebration Europe II in 2016 I met the awesome Phil Szostak who is author of 'The Art of....' Star Wars books. He signed my copy of 'The Art of The Force Awakens'. If you've never seen these books and are a Star Wars fan, they are beautiful and the artwork... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Collectors Cards

I found these at a car boot sale a few years back. It's a set of 6, metal trading cards made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Original Series in 1996 and produced by Paramount. They are full colour and feature the 7 main characters. Sulu and Chekov appear on a card together, which... Continue Reading →

The Mandalorian

The final trailer for the new Star Wars live-TV show has been released less than 2 weeks before the show airs on Disney+. Set 5 years after Return of the Jedi and 25 years before the events of The Force Awakens, The Mandolorian tells the story of a bounty hunter who works far beyond the... Continue Reading →

Star Trek: Picard- uniform

I'm not able to attend Destination Star Trek Birmingham this year unfortunately. However, the internet has been flooded with photos of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's uniform which is on display for the first time anywhere! Photos below. As you can see its a updated version of the Admiral's uniform from TNG but, to my eye at... Continue Reading →

Fansets Star Trek: Discovery episode pin

I've previously written a general post about Fanset pins and why I like them. I also blogged about the character pins. In this post I'm going to focus on one of the episode pins. Specifically the season one finale 'Will you take my hand'. This episode ends with Michael Burnham regaining her Starfleet Commission. She... Continue Reading →

New Funko Pops

I've been shopping around and have got a few more Funko Pop figures. One was even a Lootcrate exclusive that I had in a box and forgot about! The first is another in the Captain Marvel series. It's Carol Danvers best-friend, Maria Rambeau in her USAF flight suit. This is a great little figure and... Continue Reading →

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