New Star Wars poster and featurette

Disney/Lucasfilm have released the REALD 3D version of their Star Wars- The Rise of Skywalker poster. As you can see it resembles in part the poster for the very first film released in 1977. Definitely has the same feel to it. It seems fitting that the first poster and last in the Skywalker Saga should... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Tazos

It was 1997 and the Star Wars Special Editions had just been released. Walkers Crisps (Chips to those in the US) released a set of 50 limited edition Tazos; small round collectable cards with an image on. There were fifty to collect. The first 39 portrayed images from the original three movies, 13 for each.... Continue Reading →

Memories of past Cons…..

Whilst having a sort out I came across a box full of old Con passes which triggered lots of (mostly) good memories. I don't have all my passes as some were nothing more than a paper band. I think the earliest one pictured is bottom left. Its for Rising Star #1 which was in either... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Action Figures

I was sorting out some boxes and I found some figures I've never posted about. The first two are from the 40th Anniversary range. 12 figures were released which mirrors the original 12 released in 1978. They are on retro style cards but substantially bigger than the original releases. No vinyl capes though this time... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Collectors Cards

I found these at a car boot sale a few years back. It's a set of 6, metal trading cards made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Original Series in 1996 and produced by Paramount. They are full colour and feature the 7 main characters. Sulu and Chekov appear on a card together, which... Continue Reading →

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