A funny thing happened….

A funny thing happened on the way home this week…..

If you’ve been reading my blog you will know I am currently dealing with depression. Apart from my trips to the therapist I haven’t left the house since early June. This week however I decided to attempt to go down to meet my brother and his family as I had not seen them for a while. I did my usual route and got the boat to the O2.

It was on the way home that I had a strange encounter….

First, you need to know how I was dressed that day. Photo below.


As you can see I’m wearing my Star Wars cap, a ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ t-shirt and an Imperial Officer rank pin.

It all screams Star Wars.

Anyway, I got off the boat at Westminster Pier and walked up the steps to the corner of Westminster Bridge and Victoria Embankment.

At the top was a guy dressed in full Darth Vader outfit, including lightsaber. He was stood on a podium and had a speaker playing the Imperial March. He would randomly change poses.

I went up to him and took this photo….


He stopped. Looked hard at me and then said

“Do you like Star Wars?”

My reaction…..


I just pointed at my hat, shirt and pin and asked him what he thought.

“Oh yeh” he replied. He quietly got back on his podium and carried on…


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